Consent and Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that Drive Finance Company (Canada) Limited (“DFC”) will rely on the information provided to assess my creditworthiness. I certify that the information provided is true and complete. I consent and agree that DFC may, from time to time, (i) request a consumer report from a consumer reporting agency containing credit and other relevant personal information for the purpose of confirming and verifying any information provided on the Online Credit Application. (ii) exchange with any consumer reporting agency, credit bureau, other credit providers, credit insurers, vehicle insurers, vehicle service providers, and the relevant dealer any information covering this Online Credit Application and any credit granted or not granted as a result of the information provided for the purpose of confirming, verifying and updating such information, or as permitted by law; (iii) communicate your personal information to third party service providers in Canada or outside of Canada to verify and update your personal information in our system.
I warrant to DFC that neither a bankruptcy nor a proposal is now or about to be made.